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FIRC’s New 3D food Printer Can “Print” Customised Nutritious Meals

Lianhe Zaobao, 2 Jan 2017 – Article featured Foodini, the 3D food printer purchased by Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC) two months ago. Senior manager Lee Mun Wai shared that the 3D food printer can help customise nutritious meals in hospitals and even the general public. For example, the collaboration between FIRC and the German chemicals company BASF enables FIRC to use BASF’s functional ingredients including fatty acids and plant sterols, to print a variety of nutritious food, such as vitamin biscuits to help prevent osteoporosis or lutein-containing food to reduce damage to the eyes. FIRC’s centre director Mrs Ngan-Loong Mann Na opined that the 3D food printer can also help to reduce food wastage.

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FIRC Assist Sauce Manufacturers in their Export Efforts


Two of Food Innovation & Resource Centre’s clients was featured in the Berita Harian on 26 November 2016. The article mentions the collaboration between spice paste manufacturers, Asyura Ptd Ltd and SP’s Food Innovation Resource Centre (FIRC) to produce frozen spice paste products that can be exported overseas. Another company that recently partnered with FIRC is Revelation Delicacies Rempeyek Trading which manufactures shrimp paste sauce. The small local market and rising overseas demand are among reasons cited by manufacturers to look into expanding their product line.

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Visit To FIRC By Malaysian Food Companies

Photo 22-11-16 (Brigthened)

In collaboration with SPRING Singapore and Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), Food Innovation & Resource Centre hosted visitors from 17 Malaysian Food companies at its facilities on November 22, 2016. These companies includes manufacturers for sauces, ready-to-eat meals, dairy products, beverages, spices and seasonings, seafood products, snacks, and sausages.


SMEs Growing Their Business with Food Innovation & Resource Centre

Moon Cake

Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC) mentioned on Lianhe Zaobao’s article, 31 Oct 2016.

Mr Ham Weng Seng, who took over the reins of the family owned Chop Tai Chong Kok Ptd Ltd three years ago, shares how the Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC) has helped his business to boost productivity by providing consultancy services to improves his products and lessons for his staff to learn about product packaging and safety. After working with FIRC, the company has expanded to five shops and a factory from the initial two outlets.

Article also mentioned that FIRC was set up in 2007 to increase the competitiveness of the companies in the global market by harnessing the latest technologies available to help companies create new or value-added products, as well as providing recommendations for appropriate packaging and improving the workflow and product shelf-life.

FIRC’s Centre Director, Mrs Ngan-Loong Mann Na shared that FIRC offers 20 different short courses and has trained over 3,000 professionals. FIRC has also worked with more than 500 companies on more than 850 projects.

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Automation of Onigiri Production and Packaging for Productivity Improvement

Natural Grain Pte Ltd, a.k.a. QQRice, used to hand-produce the triangle shape flavoured rice products known as Onigiri at all its F&B outlets every day, taking up a lot of time and attention of the retail staffs from customer services. Apart from task duplication across outlets, it required skilled staffs that are difficult to hire and retain. To facilitate business growth and expansion, the company has centralised its Onigiri production to its central kitchen and engaged Food Innovation & Resource Centre for the automation of Onigiri production. After automation, the company has since free up one retail staff from every outlets and Onigiri production efficiency improved by more than 2000%, a tremendous productivity improvement achievement.

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