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Unisoy Instant Soya Oatmeal

The Instant Soya Oatmeal contains 100% organic oats and beans, catering to consumers seeking organic and naturally wholesome foods. The ingredients used are simple and familiar to consumers. Read the article to find out FIRC’s role in making this product successful!


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Shelf Life Extension of Kway Teow

Kway Teow manufactured by local manufacturers such as Leong Guan Food Manufacture are usually bulk-packed for distribution to wet markets and food stalls in low barrier polyethylene (PE) bags. The lack of proper barrier properties of the PE bags coupled with the warm and humid climate meant that kway teow last for only two to three days from production. In a situation like this, the most immediate band aid response would be to use preservatives for shelf life extension. However, the Singapore Sale of Food Act prohibits the use of any Class 2 chemical preservatives in kway teow because it is a staple food which may be consumed on a daily basis. Moreover, Leong Guan was not keen to use any artificial preservatives due to consumers’ adversion to such additives.

Faced with this uphill task, Leong Guan Food Manufacture approached Food Innovation & Resource Centre for advice on extending the shelf life of their products.

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Bucking Up for Better Health

Buckwheat Healthcare Products Pte Ltd has launched its Buckwheat Green Tea can drink! The delicious and refreshing taste coupled with its high nutrition value has made its debut a success.

Produced through a collaboration between Buckwheat Healthcare Products Pte Ltd and Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC), the main ingredient of the drink is buckwheat, which is more commonly used as an ingredient in the production of noodles in Northern China, Tibet, Japan and South East Asia.

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Centre Director’s Foreword

FIRC Centre Director

Welcome to the launch of the revamped website of Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC)!

The launch of the website signifies yet another milestone in FIRC’s journey towards establishing itself as a consultancy centre for food enterprises. 


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