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My ‘Food’ Experience in Taiwan (By Mun Wai)

In my opinion, Taiwan has always been well-known for its good food. Walking along the infamous Shilin Night Market is an eye-opener not only for the variety of food but also the way the food are named. “Small biscuit wrapped in big biscuit” is a name given to crushed crispy fried dough wrapped with a popiah skin. Patrons can have their choice of flavours which includes taro, black sesame, peanut, red bean etc. Read more…

Singapore as a Food Hub 2012: Development of Healthier Foods for the Silver Age Industry- A Hands-on Workshop

Populations across the world are rapidly ageing. According to World Health Organisation, between 2000 and 2050, the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years will double from about 11% to 22%. The absolute number of people aged 60 years and over is expected to increase from 605 million to 2 billion over the same period. The silver age is indeed a fast-growing market and can offer golden opportunities for food manufacturers. Seniors have specific dietary needs: nutrition, health, ease of use, quality, enjoyment. In this workshop,  the opportunities and challenges in the development of healthy foods for the silver age industry will be discussed. In addition, there will be practical hands-on experience on the applications of functional ingredients in foods.

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Upcoming Course

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Sensory Evaluation Methods for Product Quality Improvement

This workshop will allow participants to: (a) Understand the application of sensory evaluation methods in the measurement of product differences as perceived by trained panelists; (b) know how to statistically analyse results of sensory evaluation tests to obtain information with the highest level of confidence; (c ) use the information gathered for product quality assessment and improvement; and (d) present workshop outputs in a brief report that includes recommendations and action plans. The actual practice of sensory evaluation testing and data collection and analysis will be done by the participants themselves during the laboratory workshop practical sessions.



WSQ Apply Packaging Materials and Technology in Food Packages

This course will provide an overview of the fundamental considerations in food packaging and preservation. Each of the packaging materials will be examined alongside various processing methods such as retort and aseptic processing. Packaging techniques such as MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), Active and Intelligent Packaging will also be explored. The course will also address other related topics such as safety, logistics and sustainability.

Turning Yummy Ideas Into Delicacies

Ever had a fantastic home-made recipe that you thought is good enough to be commercialised? Or perhaps you have just perfected a dish but are unsure if you could achieve the same texture and taste the next time you prepare it for a bigger

Then Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC) is the place for you. Launched in 2007 as a joint-initiative between Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and SPRING Singapore, FIRC is the first Centre of Innovation in Singapore that caters to local food enterprises. The Centre serves as a one-stop service provider for local enterprises who are looking to develop new and innovative food products, conducting feasibility studies, product development, packaging, evaluation of shelf life and market testing them.

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FIRC featured in Berita Harian!

Berita Harian 29 Aug 2011 – This one-page article highlights the R&D service provided at FIRC for local food manufacturers. Two Malay food producers; Jumain Sataysfaction and Waress Industries have sought FIRC’s services and have benefitted from it. 

Jumain Sataysfaction wanted to produce tofu satay and needed to find a way to freeze the tofu for up to a year. The company turned to FIRC and was offered a solution. In addition, FIRC also gave suggestions on how to package the food product to maximise its shelf life. Due to this, Jumain Sataysfaction was able to export their food product to Hong Kong and is hoping to expand to Europe and Australia as well. 

When Waress Industries decided to produce katira drink in a can, it had to make sure that the product can last for a year. After collaborating with FIRC, Waress is able to produce the world’s first katira drink in a can with three to five new flavours to be launched next year. The drink, which is only available during the fasting month, is now being exported to Malaysia and there are plans to export to a few Middle Eastern countries. 

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