Process Engineering Innovation

The process engineering team aims to assist food companies to improve and optimise productivity through the adoption of technology, process re-engineering, automation and design customisation to resolve production issues and challenges.

Productivity improvement can be defined as:

  • Reduce reliance or eliminate manual, mundane and labour intensive processes
  • Enabling business sustainability and growth through higher production capability and capacity
  • Improving Time to Market for products and services for better competitive advantage
  • Stabilising quality consistency and repeatability and/or reduce wastes
  • Innovating or customising tools/processes to enable handling of unique food product nature

Our comprehensive services include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing of solutions through custom designing/automation not readily available or accessible from the market
  • Sourcing and recommending of suitable equipment/solutions to resolve productivity issues
  • Collaborating with food companies and partners to develop innovative automation solutions
  • Conducting process study and quantification to ascertain process control parameters for further improvement rectification

Joel - Edited