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List of WSQ Courses:

WSQ Implement Advanced Food Hygiene Practices

This course aims to increase and enhance the knowledge base of supervisory and management staff in food manufacturing plants which will allow them to take a holistic approach towards effectively managing food hygiene and safety within their plants.

WSQ Apply Packaging Materials and Technology in Food Packages

Paper, plastics, metal and glass are the major materials used in modern food packaging. Each material has its unique characteristics but also competes with each other for similar applications. This course will provide an overview of the fundamental considerations in food packaging and preservation. Each of the packaging materials will be examined alongside various processing methods such as retort and aseptic processing. Packaging techniques such as MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), Active and Intelligent Packaging will also be explored. The course will also address other related topics such as safety, logistics and sustainability.

WSQ Food Safety Management System

This training provides occupational knowledge and skills to raise the standard of the food service establishment by equipping the supervisory staff with practical knowledge and application skills to implement the Singapore Standards: Guidelines on Food Safety Management for Food Service Establishments.

List of Short Courses:

Introductory Short Course on Food Science and Technology

The field of food science & technology has a long history and it is fascinating how this field is still being applied today to produce the foods that we eat. Just what does the field of food science & technology covers and what are their applications? This workshop will present an overview of food science and technology, focusing on the chemistry, product development and sensory evaluation techniques, food processing and preservation methods, food packaging techniques and food quality systems.

Packaging for the Silver Age Market: A Japanese Perspective

According to estimates by the United Nations, one out of every nine persons is aged 60 years or over in Asia. By 2050, the proportion of the world population falling into this age group is projected to increase to one in five. In Singapore alone, it is estimated that the number of elderly citizens will triple to about 900,000 by 2030, making up a sizeable proportion of the entire population. Japan too, is facing the issue of a rapidly ageing population, which has also created opportunities for many companies looking to take advantage of this lucrative market. Tapping onto the silver dollar, the packaging industry has innovated to address the challenge of catering to the needs of an aging population. This workshop will present packaging innovations from Japan Packaging Star Awards with focus on products designed to address the needs of the silver market. The idea of Universal Design and packaging for the elderly will also be explored to gain insight into packaging technologies and applications for this market segment.